Initial Problems that Pakistan Faced

What were the problems that the Asian countries were facing at the time of partition and how Pakistan stood unified in spite of facing those problems itself?

Ans: When Pakistan came into being most or Asian countries were facing the problems of nationalism with colonial backwardness, impatience rule and in aggression everywhere were some of the prominent principles that had been set by the Islam. These were the beliefs that the Muslims wanted to practice without any disturbance of the Hindu majority. By acting upon these principles, Pakistan stood unified in spite of all those problems that the other Asian countries were facing.

Q: What were the initial problems that Pakistan faced?

Ans: When Pakistan came into being, it had to face many problems. It had no flag or capital. The administrative machinery had to be built from the beginning. Pakistan was allotted an army but its soldiers were so dispersed that they could not be brought together for a long time. Even Pakistan was allotted the military equipment but it remained undelivered even after three years. It had no industry as all the major industries were in India, no engineers, and no traders en’). When the sub-continent was divided, seven million homeless refugees were expelled from the British India and when they came to Pakistan, they were in a very miserable condition and Pakistan had to give them shelter. It was a huge task, which Pakistan had to perform. Now, these were some of the problems, Pakistan faced at the initial stages but its people were united and had a firm belief in the golden principles of Islam, so they overcame all these problems that Pakistan faced.

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