Demand of Muslims for a separate homeland

Q No 2: On what basis the demand of Muslims for a separate homeland was reasonable?


  • How the creation of Pakistan had dissolved the threat that Asia could be permanent danger zone?

Answer: In his address, Liaquat Ali Khan told that the demand of Muslims for a separate homeland was totally justified not only on human grounds but also on political grounds. If the British India was divided, It would give Muslims an opportunity that they could live according to their own traditions Similarly, it would also give Hindus an opportunity that they could promote their own culture without any disturbance by the Muslims. Is also necessary for international peace the British India was divided into two independent states that might be peaceful instead of a single but disturbed state. Liaquat Ali Khan also expressed the fear if Pakistan had not been separate from the rest of the British Indian, there would have been serious dangers. The creation of Pakistan had removed the danger that Asia could be a permanent danger zone.

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