Pakistan and the Modern World-Circumstances for Creation of Pakistan

Pakistan and the Modern World

Q No 1: Describe the circumstances, which led to the creation of Pakistan?


Why did the Muslims of India demand a separate homeland?

Answer: Pakistan and the Modern World is an address by Liaquat Ali Khan at the University of Kansas America. He was the first Prime Minister who visited America in 1950. His purposes were to introduce Pakistan to American people and the Western world.

In his speech with, Liaqat Ali Khan provided so many factors due to which the Muslims of Sub-continent requirement an individual country for themselves. First, in British India, there resided one hundred thousand Muslims along with three hundred thousand others, mostly Hindus. The Muslims were terrifying that if they got independence from British, they would be under the long lasting control of Hindus. Secondly, the Muslims differed from the Hindus in every area of life, whatever it was spiritual, public or financial. The Muslims considered in one God and the prophets of Observe where the Hindus did not. Additionally, the Hindus considered in caste system whereas the Muslim believed in equal rights of humans, furthermore the Muslims believed in the right of personal possession of everyone whereas the Hindus did not. According to the educating of Islam, it was illegal that the prosperity should be gathered.

On the opposite, Islam wants that the prosperity should be allocated among the inadequate. Sixthly the Muslims also feared that under Hindu control they would not be able to advertise their personal life and to exercise the fantastic concepts of Islam, Seventhly the sub-continent was wide enough that it could quickly be separated into two separate nations, so, these were some factors, the Muslims required for their individual country.

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