BA English Online Video Lectures: The Killers, Lecture No 4

This is our 4th and final lecture of the Story The Killers, in which we will discuss

  • The character of Ole Andreson,
  • Character of Nick and his role to inform Ole Andreson
  • Nature of Ole Andreson and his comments on informing about the Killers by Nick Adams
  • Mrs. Bell’s Comments about the character of Ole Andreson
  • Impact of the arrival of the killers in the members of lunchroom
  • Nature of Job of Ole Andreson,
  • Hemingway’s writing style and creating suspense

When Nick Adam reached to Hirsch’s Rooming house to inform Old about all situation, he was received with Mrs. Bell the maid servant of Mrs. Hirsch. she told Nick about the character of Ole and confirmed that he was very nice person, even used an awfully nice person. But she also informed that Old is very disturbed now a day, he even does not go anywhere. She told that she also suggested him to go out, but he all the time in his room. So we see very positive character about Old, yet suspense prevail on us, if he is an awfully nice person, why were the Killers hired to kill Ole Andreson.

When Nick reached the Old’s room, Mrs. Bell knocked at the door to tell him about Nick. When Nick entered in the room, he was surprised to see that Old was laying on the bed with all his clothes on, show not sign of any fear for his death, when Nock informed about the killers and the determination for kill you. . Now watch the lecture for more information

4th lecture the killers by Liaqat007

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